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Check Out The Moment Housemates Jumps For Joy After Winning Wager Task

After presenting five recycled-material art creations, the housemates and house guests won their wager for the week.

The Green Earth was this week’s topic at Biggie’s House, which included renewable energy, going green, and other Earth-celebrating activities. With this in mind, the Housemates were required to produce at least two works of art utilizing mostly trash, such as plastic, paper, cans, and other materials.

The Housemates got to work assembling the resources Biggie had given them to make incredible pieces as they prepared for their presentation. Chizzy (Rider), one of these Housemates, stood out for her dedication to building a small House. Additionally seen putting a lot of effort into pieces that would eventually be shown were Adekunle and Chichi. However, Chichi’s creation, a balloon chandelier, didn’t make it to the presentation because it burst as it was being built.

When Biggie asked Allysyn, Bryann, and Chomzy for their opinions on the Task rather than announcing whether they had won their wager, he created a little amount of suspense for the audience. They all three provided a generally favorable evaluation, complimenting the artwork’s originality and usefulness. Chomzy pointed out that they didn’t seem nice enough to be used as artworks in her home, therefore she wouldn’t pay to have them there.

Following their evaluation, Biggie applauded the Housemates’ originality and the viability of their works. When he finally revealed their Wager victory, the Housemates and Guests erupted in cheers.