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Christians must not do different styles like d00gy in bed, it is a sin before God – Female Pastor reveals

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A female pastor‘s views about intercourse between Christian couples have gone viral on social media.

According to her teaching, man on top is the only acceptable manner of coitus between couples, and anything else is a severe sin against God.

Any other style, she argued, is from hell and must be stopped.

In her words:

“There is nothing like styles in sex for children of God. We don’t need to do it like the world are doing it. Have you become dogs? That you are not satisfied with your husband being on you and you are not satisfied with you being on top of your wife. That you want your wife to do acrobatics with you. Are you Bingo?”

She continued:

“These things we see dogs doing on the streets. These are things we see these wicked people doing in p0rnography. Sex styles is not approved for Saints of God”

“Sex styles is not approved for Saints of God… i repeat again, sex style is not approved for saints of God just like family planning is a sin”.



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