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Church reacts to reports that their pastor made an ”infertile couple have intercourse” on the church altar for a child

After a photo of two people resting on each other on the church’s altar went viral and provoked controversy online, a church reacted.

The couple had been trying for a child for ten years without success, and when they sought aid from the church, the minister pushed them to have coitus on the altar in front of the congregation, according to viral reports.

Many people have expressed their opinions regarding the snapshot, which has caused debate.


The church in Brazil, however, responded by claiming that the photo was of two women, not a man and a woman.

They said that the woman had been ill when she arrived and had passed out during service. As a prophetic act, the pastor called the ailing woman after the sermon and urged another woman to lie on her.

The church said that persuading a female minister to lie on top of the ailing woman was inspired by a Bible story in which Prophet Elisha prayed to God to restore a dead boy’s spirit back to life while lying on his body.


to God to bring his spirit back to life.

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