“Come To Abuja, We Know Nengi From Transcorp Hotel Changing People’s Husband Like Towel” – Nigerians Drag Nengi Over 20m Birthday Outfit

Rebecca Nengi Hampson, a reality TV star, has faced a barrage of criticism on social media after revealing that her birthday attire and styling by Swanky Jerry cost 20 million naira.

This discovery was revealed by Nengi a few days ago, and it sparked a lot of discussion on social media.


Nigerians were taken aback by Nengi’s excessive spending and questioned her source of income for spending so much on a birthday makeover.
Some Maria detractors have even said that Maria is willing to accept 20 million naira in exchange for a 34-year brand-influence pact.

“Omo that’s like Maria’s endorsement deal money for 34years 😮🏃”
“This girl and lies 5 and 6. It’s either this is just cheap PR for swanky that they both planned or she just want to form richest of them all and failed in the attempt. Either way if she actually paid that kind of money for that photoshoot then she is a big f**l because her sister is homeless and she is spending money recklessly. She tried tweeting this nonsense on Twitter and they dragged her like tiger gen. Abuja boys started to cast her runs before bbn. She rush delete the tweet. Come to Abuja we know nengi from transcorp hotel changing people husband like towel before she went for bbn. That’s why she barely tweet cause she know say them go open her yansh. She thinksTwitter is like her mumu ninjas that believe all the lies she tells them.
“I’m not lying ask any hotel staff that works in transcorp we know Nene wayy before bbn. She and them diadem with barbiedoll.”
‘No be other women husband & other people baby dadies dey give Nengi money .. why she no go spend am anyhow she dey spend 17mil on shoot because she be Dangote or Otedola Children.. una weldone o
“Person wey fit lie for her age,which truth una aspect from her again,😂😂”
“This doesn’t make sense at all. Do you know what’s happening in this country? People are dieing of hunger. People are looking for money to start retail business and here you’re spending 17m on birthday shoot! Aba nengi! I no expect this from you at all.”

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