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Cubana ChiefPriest has done it again, shows off luxurious interior design of his magnificent mansion (See Video)

The popular socialite Cubana Chiefpriest and a businessman recently published a video on his Instagram profile revealing the beautiful interior design of his mansion, many fans were in amazement and in love.

Cubana house

Cubana ChiefPriest has established himself as a Nigerian superstar who enjoys the finer things in life, which is evident in his residence.

He’s seen strolling on what look to be marble floor tiles while passing by astonishing large art paintings of himself displayed on his walls in the video he released. He then moves on to his living room, which is decorated with more of his art and expensive furniture.

Cubana Chief house

A little bar with exotic beverages and additional art pieces is just a few meters from his room; he seems to be a sucker for art. Netizens are swooning over his magnificent home in the video, which has around 500 thousand views on his Instagram profile.

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