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Doctor who was allegedly sent by Apostle Suleiman to kill Stephanie Otobo, speaks out

Stephanie Otobo, a Canadian-based Nigerian musician who claimed Apostle Suleiman ordered her to be killed, has now come out.

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As he recounted what transpired with her surgery enhancement, the doctor disproved the news.

Stephanie Otobo, he claims, was advised to cease smoking before to surgery, but she disregarded their advice and continued to smoke.

She started hallucinating as a result of our carelessness and believed we were trying to murder her, although this isn’t true because the surgery went smoothly.

In his words;

“Someone drew our attention to an interview Stephanie Otobo had that we were ordered by Apostle Suleiman go kill her. We didn’t respond to it as we didn’t see it as necessary. We were forced to watch the interview and were surprised at the false news she spilled about us. We were tagged different names from the media

She came her for surgery and she had an excellent result. During surgery, we counselled her on things to avoid before surgery but she didn’t abide to it and at such, it led to hallucinations, which could be linked to psychiatric issues”.

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