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“Don’t be surprised when I am part of Tinubu’s campaign” BBNaija’s Tacha Akide gives condition

Tacha Akide, a housemate on Big Brother Naija’s pepper dem season, has said that she might decide to support Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s presidential bid.

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This was made clear by Tacha when she criticized Nigerian churches for their lax stance on the 2022 general election.

The reality star observed that numerous churches had refrained from taking part in elections.

Tacha responded to Femi Otedola’s words of encouragement for Tinubu as well, which she praised.

Tacha expressed her love for the millionaire businessman’s work as a way of supporting him.

Tacha said that if she speaks to Tinubu and finds him to be logical, she might also decide to support him.

Tacha stated that because democracy is practiced here, voters have the freedom to select the candidate of their choosing.

“U see what Femi Otedola did, I love it and I appreciate it. Because this is the same thing I have been pleading about, pick a side. Politics is all about interest, we practice democracy that means people have the right to choose a candidate and support whomever, it’s democracy that happens everywhere in the world. Those countries you travel to, their celebrities, businessmen even the church of America was involved in the last election. The church of America supported Donald Trump. What is how churches in Nigeria doing? If it is to build big auditoriums, come out as top five biggest churches in the world, them dey for front”.

“I might get into a conversation with Tinubu tomorrow and he’s making sense to me, don’t be surprised I’ll be part of his campaign, same with Atiku and Peter Obi”.

Tacha Akide gained the respect of her followers and coworkers by promoting the necessity of obtaining a PVC.

The reality star won hearts with her seamless performance and contagious excitement.

Tacha continued to stand in the rain without an umbrella to address Nigerians despite the intense downpour.

Sharing the video on her Instagram page, she captioned it with :

“The message is clear!! Go get your PVCS!! Degema thank you for showing up to get your PVCS today despite the weather! Our efforts will not go in vain. Using this medium to urge you fellow Nigerians Celebrities! Entrepreneurs and concerned Nigerians in generally do not praise me but emulate this PVC awareness, sensitize everyone around you carry Nigerian on your head like Gala A new Nigeria is achievable. It lies in our hands. 2023 we take back Nigeria”

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