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“Don’t go around overdoing good, the world is full of evil” – Reality star, Tacha advises

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In an Instagram post, the reality star stated that she has learned to avoid ‘overdoing’ good and instead return whatever energy she receives from others.

According to her, the world is so full of evil that people begin to question those who do good, believing they have a hidden agenda.

According to her,

“The world is so full of evil that when you are doing good to people they tend to start reading meaning into it. I ‘ve learnt to tell myself to stop doing good that inconveniences me1 Give people the same energy they give you! Don’t go around overdoing good.


Tacha said this in response to parents who message her on Facebook asking that she live a specific lifestyle in order to avoid being a negative influence on their children since she is viewed as a role model by them.

She told such parents to stay away from her social media accounts since she could never spend her life satisfying the children of others.


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