Driver Arrested For Caressing His Conductor Inside A Bus

David Muya Gachucha, a Nairobi bus driver, was arraigned before a Makadaka Law Court for allegedly groping a woman inappropriately while on the bus.

The Kenyan male groped the woman’s buttocks and breast without her consent, according to court documents submitted before Principal Magistrate Jackie Kibosia.

When Gachucha began napping in the rear seat of the bus where she worked as a conductor, she began stroking her bosom.

The lady informed the court that her attempts to prevent the accused from completing the act were futile since he continued to verbally insult her. She stated the accused became enraged and labeled her an old woman who shouldn’t brag about her attractiveness, as well as saying she was past her prime and out of the market.

The accused, on the other hand, disputed the charges and was released on Ksh50,000 cash bail. On January 24, the case will be discussed.

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