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“Easy o OBO” – Davido throws hard punches, matches trainer’s energy during boxing session

Davido is dedicated about his fitness and enjoys posting videos of himself working out on social media.

The father of three has added boxing to his workout routine, and he recently gave his trainer back-to-back punches during a session. Davido is not to be trifled with, as he could be as good as his trainer in a matter of months.

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With each passing month, Davido, a prominent Nigerian artist, continues to demonstrate to his fans that he is committed to the new healthy lifestyle he has adopted.

Aside from his usual exercises, the singer also works out with a boxer, and he just shared one of their sessions.

Davido and his trainer performed a choreographed performance, and the singer appeared to have mastered the moves as he fired strong punches at his instructor.

On his Instagram story channel, the singer presented various perspectives of his training session, as is customary.

Check out the video below:

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