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EFCC Arrests 60 youths at “Yahoo Boys” Awards Night

The arrest of sixty Yahoo lads has been verified by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
According to the commission, these guys were apprehended during an awards ceremony honouring them for their deception.

In a recent post on their official social media account on the prominent social media network, Facebook, the commission announced their arrest and provided images from the arrest.

The EFCC’s Lagos Command announced the arrest in a Facebook post that states, “Operators of the EFCC’s Lagos Command have detained 60 alleged online fraudsters during an awards ceremony at the Conference Hotel in Abeokuta, Ogun State.”

According to the inquiry, the “Peer Youths Awards” was held to celebrate high-level cyber scammers.

Exotic automobiles, electrical equipment, laptop computers, and mobile phones were among the items recovered from the suspects at the time of the arrest. The culprits will be charged in court very shortly.

David Jimoh – Very good, but I hope EFCC will also storm and arrest the organisers and attendees when APC governors convene anytime soon to give award to the most thieving governor.

Alayande Babatunde Taofiq – Items recovered are basic things that hardworking guys too have in their possession. If one is at a wrong place at the right time, na wahala be that ooo. Listing these things as items recovered is laughable

Adetunji Oduyemi – You are doing a good job the wrong way. Good in the sense that you help checkmate the audacity with which the Yahoo boys rub their ill-gotten wealth in the face of hardworking Nigerians. Bad in the sense that you act unprofessionally and sometimes break the law to pick up your suspects. The problem here is that, if you continue to act this way, you will only create a vacuum that will enable these guys gain sympathy in the long run especially cos a lot of business gets ruined in the process and many innocents who are just victims of circumstances suffer for nothing. You can’t correct a wrong by committing another wrong.

Evergreen Stanley – How come all the guests for the award are suspects. Abeg make una dey carry due diligence before arrest. I doubt this hasty arrest of young people… Go after politicians starching our money.

The Wise – Stop disrespecting the Nigerian Constitution! The Anti Torture Act, 2017 prohibits media shaming of suspect. EFCC should uphold laws and not disobey them.

Section 2(b) of the Anti-Torture Act of 2017 (xi). “mental or psychological torture” is defined as “cruel, inhuman, or humiliating treatment aimed at affecting or confusing the mind or undermining a person’s dignity and morale, such as

(xi)shaming a person by stripping him nude, parade him in public, shave his head, or make markings on his body against his will.”

For a long time, the EFCC, like the Nigerian Police, has been PARADING SUSPECTS IN A PUBLIC PLACE. You even have them wear signs, something the political corruption suspects are never forced to do.

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