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EPL: Chelsea take final decision on Lukaku after meeting with Tuchel

Following a frank discussion with manager Thomas Tuchel, Romelu Lukaku will not be leaving Chelsea.
According to Sky Sports, the Belgian striker acknowledged that his tense interview with Sky in Italy was a blunder.

On Thursday, the Belgian international told Sky Italia that he was dissatisfied at Stamford Bridge and that he wanted to return to Inter Milan as soon as possible.

During his discussion with the club, the striker admitted that he should not have said the things he did in the first place.

As a result of his comments, he was left out of Chelsea’s squad for Sunday’s 2-2 home tie with Liverpool.
Lukaku’s commitment to assist Chelsea reclaim the Premier League title has been accepted by all parties.

A move away from Stamford Bridge was not discussed, and the player is not expected to leave this month or next summer.

Lukaku stated that he wanted to return to Stamford Bridge this summer and that he was not obligated to do so.

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