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Erica Nlewedim tears man’s shirt on Twitter after he said “a wife’s contract ends when her husband dies and his ‘omenala’ gives him right over his late siblings’ properties”

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Following reports that the late Femi Osibona’s relatives are feuding over the late CEO’s bank details, fancy vehicles, and houses, one user stated that the deceased’s wife, with whom he had four children, is in no way entitled to any property since her ‘contract in the family has already finished.’

Erica Nlewedim, an actress and former BBNaija star, has replied to a man’s post claiming that as a member of the Igbo tribe, he is entitled to his late sibling’s property.

Because he is an Igbo man, the user claims that his “omenala” grants him full control over the possessions of his deceased siblings. He stated,

I am an igbo man and my omenala gives me full right over the properties of my siblings when they’re no more.

As a woman, when your husband dies just have it in mind that your contract in the family has been fully terminated.

Know this and know peace . Nne

Nigeria lazy women want to keep everything to themselves in the name of marriage

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Erica from Big Brother Naija confronted him and asked if he was a leech, netizens also dragged him for his lame opinion while he received a lot of flak on social media for his remark.

Erica’s epic response…

Erica tho

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