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“Even my leg chain money will change your life” – BBNaija star, Nini blasts bitter troll

Nini Singh, a reality TV personality, was recently targeted by a troll who slipped into her Instagram DM and made a disparaging comment about her.

The drama began when a troll referred to the BBNaija star as a “village witch” in response to a post she posted on her Instagram story.

Nini retaliated by going through the troll’s photos and slamming her for her appearance.

The drama didn’t stop there, as the troll, who appeared to be offended by Nini’s remark, retaliated by accusing her of being “fake and broke.”

Nini’s love interest, Saga, would eventually desert her, just like her lover reportedly did, according to the troll.

Nini replied to the troll by telling him that the cost of her leg chain alone may change her life.

After a few exchanges, the troll eventually gave up and conveyed gratitude that Nini took the time to engage in some social media banter with her.

Look at the following exchange.

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