Fight Confirmed: Joshua Fury Ready To Unite In What Seems To Be The Biggest Fight In The History Of Boxing

Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua are ready to go head-to-head soon this year after so much underneath negotiations have been ongoing between the two British fighters.

However, those negotiations had been precise, with topics such as whose name occurred first on the billing and who would first walk up to the ring holding up an agreement.

Although, a final announcement would soon be made but Bob Arum, Fury’s co-promoter has ascertained it is a case of when, and no longer if.

According to Daily Mail report, Bob Arum said, ‘As far as I’m concerned, all the points have been agreed to,’ the 89-year-old told IFL TV.

‘That’s what each side has said. Now, we’re just scrambling around to get things signed.

‘I can say clearly, based on my view of everything, there are no more issues.’

However, it seems the fight would take place around June even though a venue is yet to be decided.

In regards of the social distancing measures in the UK set to be removed, on June 21, there is an extent for a full UK crowd at the fight.

In a statement reported by Daily Mail, Joshua confirmed earlier this week, ‘June should be the date,’

‘Trust me. For the fans, for the people that have been calling it on for many, many months.

‘Shoutout to Fury and his team as well; hungry go-getters, that’s what we are.’

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