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For the 3rd time Khalid and Daniella Had Rough S3x With Lots of Obvious Moanings (WATCH VIDEO)

Big Brother Naija housemate Daniella and Khalid have for the 3rd time get busy under the duvet leaving fans with an impression that they did had s3x

Recall how the two days ago video of Daniella and Khalid making out under the covers sparked a social media frenzy.

ePW reported earlier that Daniella, a housemate on Big Brother Naija season 7 talked about her s3x with Khalid yesterday morning in a video that went viral

Fans of the big brother reality show were stunned after both housemates were busy under the duvet for the second time but it was a thing of surprise to many as Daniella confirmed that she was made a woman.

Khalid and Daniella remembered their exploits, but Daniella wondered what her parents would think or say if they saw the film.

Khalid complained about the house’s security cameras. Daniella’s parents would be aware that “she has started doing what women do,” he said in an apparent attempt to make fun of her.

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