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Fresh statement from hair vendor & BFF Of Amarachi rufutes rumoured relationship With Davido & the alleged Range Rover gift

Amarachi Reginald, a friend of Davido’s supposed girlfriend, has defended her after it was claimed that the musician bought her a car.

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It’s worth recalling that when the influencer flaunted her new automobile, speculations said that Davido had gifted her the vehicle.

Davido did not buy Amarachi a Range Rover or sleep with her, according to a friend of Davido’s claimed girlfriend.

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Gistlover, a well-known blogger, also claimed that Davido is sleeping with the girl but is not dating her.

Amarachi’s buddy responded by defending her, claiming that Davido did not buy her new Range Rover or sleep with her.

Davido truly hang out with her BFF, but she never slept with him, according to the hairstylist.

In her words;

“Does ama hang out with David yes! Has ama fucked Davido no! Did David buy the Range Rover for ama NO, of course if David bought that Range Rover we will give credit to him, what’s there to hide”

Davido neither bought Range Rover for Amarachi nor slept with her - Friend of Davido's alleged girlfriend defends her

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