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From Mummy G.O to Sugar Mummy” — Total Transformation Of A “Church Girl Gone Wild” Goes Viral

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On social media, the complete makeover of a lady who used to be a conservative church girl but has now wandered away from that lifestyle to become the polar opposite has caused tongues to wag.


@quing esther, an Instagram user, posted a video on her profile that shows before and after shots of herself, and nearly everyone who has viewed it has been blown away by its content.

Esther’s response to the “wait for me” challenge, in which people share what they used to look like previously and what they look like now, is included in this film.


Esther’s before images portray her as a devout religious girl who, at the time, would have been expected to become a Mummy G.O in the future, but her after photos completely debunk that notion.

The video has elicited a wide range of emotions on social media, with the majority of them centred on remarks like.

She reclaims her life from Christ, from sugar Mummy to mummy G.O.
Sister Esther was just cooling down her comot hand for the heavenly race when she switched from Esther to Tatiana.

See video;


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