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“Girls who sleep with married men have a special place in hell” – BBNaija star Ifu Ennada

Ifu Ennada, a Big Brother Naija contestant and entrepreneur, has chastised women who date married men and men who can’t stay faithful to their marriages.

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According to Ennada, women in intimate relationships with married men have a special place in hell planned for them.

“Single girls who date/sleep with married men in monogamous marriages have a special place in hell. You can always say no to their advances but selfishness has you out here hurting your own gender.” She wrote.

The reality personality urged cheating spouses to at least utilize protection during intercourse with their side chicks in order to safeguard their innocent wives from STIs.

their side chicks to protect their innocent wives from STIs.


“If you are going to cheat on your wives, use condom abeg. An unplanned pregnancy isn’t the only thing that can happen…STDs are not a joke. It will be selfish of you to share STDs from your ugly affairs to your wife who has done nothing but stay faithful to your adulterous ass. Don’t forget your brain when obtaining cheap focos.” She added.


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