Graphic: A 16-year-old Boy Beats Up Pastor For Caressing His Girlfriend’s Bum

A 16-year-old boy allegedly beats up a pastor ruthlessly for grabbing his girlfriend’s bum.

The pastor whose name was not disclosed was said to have sexually harassed the boy’s girlfriend which led to severe outrage.

A Twitter user @naebili revealed this on Sunday, 4th of April, said “Anyway one 16 year old on my street beat the shit out of a pastor this morning because the pastor grabbed his babe’s ass”.


Although many have taken to the thread to unveil some uncomfortable traits portrayed by religious activities and clerics but the ludicrous climate displayed by the pastor seems to have earned the best as the retaliation sits well with most persons who acknowledged the tweet.

Some of the response garnered from the thread:

@Ummah_Joseph “I am planning a disruptive but not violent way to address a woman who constantly come to my street in the early morning hours to preach for us. Mind you, most people living there are either student or working-class adult.

@KingJpVII “What of the mosque close to my house, that always wake me with horn speakers, one day I would drag that speaker down and seize it, or dash it to aboki”

@ColdDestroyers “The house I stayed during my school days had two speakers facing my window. 5am when they call the first prayer, I don wake

In other news, a facebook user Abughur Winifred has disclosed a shocking incident that occurred in Gboko Benue State yesterday.

According to her a popular man who has been mad for years stopped a car and reveals his days of madness are over and he is ready to go home for shower

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