Graphic: My Step-Father Has Been Raping Us Since Four

A Nigerian lady has taken to her social space to reveal a shocking story of a girl who claimed her stepfather has been raping her and her elder sister since when they were very young.

The lady with the username Princess Ijeoma Chinonyerem revealed the bizzare news on her “worst betrayal series” facebook post anonymously.

The victim who stated that their mother had persuaded them about the need to trust her and reveal everything going on between them and their stepfather.

According to the released story, they confided in their mother.

“Our step father had been raping us since we were 4. Sometimes forcing my sister and I to have sex while he videos.
Sodomy, anal sex with my sister, Fellatios, name it.

“So I told my mother everything.
Gave her proof, including showing her the camera used to film the video. There was a new video with my dad raping me.

“She listened, watched and said she’d handle it.

“A day later, she called a family meeting and accused us of trying to ruin my father’s reputation and her budding political career.

“She had destroyed the video and every other evidence we showed her.
She shipped us off to the village to live with our grandparents.

The victim whose name was not disclosed stated that her sister committed suicide due to the traumatic experience she had and she is also healing from the pain and trust issues.

She further said her mother is presently a successful politician, but she hasn’t talked to her in 5 years.

“And I’m definitely never going to, I took care of myself throughout undergrad and I’m currently trying to get a job or do my master’s, but my entire life is ruined… because who can I trust”? she explained.

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