Graphic: Reactions Online As Lady Dies In Her Boyfriend’s Room After She Commits Abortion

A young man narrates the story of a lady who coincidentally died in her boyfriend’s room after she committed an abortion the day before she visited.

Twitter user @Oganihu had revealed an incident that happened when he visited a friend in a nearby school towards the end of the 2nd semester.

“Most departments in the school were done with their exams, so school and lodges were a bit empty, Boys dey use the opportunity camp babes and all.” He said.

In his words, around 3 am there was a loud noise from the upstairs and it was a neighbour who was banging the door and sweating profusely, crying and confused.

“Omo we were scared because cultists dey always terrorise that area. As the banging continued we had to check, and behold it was one of the guys in the lodge that lives upstairs.

“He was sweating and crying.

“We didn’t understand what he was saying at first…

“After calming down a bit, he told us that his girlfriend is in his room and she is dead. Omo!!

“Turned out that she was pregnant and went for an abortion that evening but developed complications and bleed to death.

He further said they went to the guy’s room and was stunned by the amount of blood and smell emanating from the room.

“He had to call the girlfriend’s best friend who apparently knew about the pregnancy and the abortion.

“She came that night washed her, dressed her and took her to her own lodge.

“She called one Hausa keke man that came that night to carry the corpse and lied to him that they are coming from a party and her friend drank too much and she is passed out.

“I don’t think I have ever seen any girl that composed in the face of disaster.

According to him, the guy couldn’t stop crying all night and was hysterical.

He said when it was daybreak, he vacated the vicinity and days later he called his friend to enquire how it ended.

“He told me that the girl’s bestfriend called the parents of the dead girl to inform them about the abortion and death of their daughter.

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“The best friend said that she couldn’t allow a young man’s life to get ruined.

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