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Hillarious Moment Prophet Odumeje paused his prayer to insult someone during an online program (video)

Prophet Odumeje, a divisive priest, has sparked outrage after a video of him criticizing someone during an internet prayer session went viral.

Odumeje held a Facebook live prayer session in the video that has gone viral and elicited a lot of comments, but as he was ready to begin praying, someone in the car with him provoked him.

The clergyman turned around and insulted the guy in the van with him as he recited the first few words of prayer. He chastised the individual for interrupting his live broadcast with a phone call.

Reacting to the video an Instagram user @onyebuchim_r wrote, “Hahaha 🤣😄 he said thunder fire you there you’re making call while I’m on video program😂😂”.

@dadi_d3, “😂😂things of the world catch up with him”. @princessjulietrooney, “What kind end time pastor be this”.

@realcodedboss, “This one be wilding always 😂”.

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