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“It was so terrible”– Lady In Shock After Bumping Into Bobrisky in Ikeja Shares Photos

After a lady published his images online, Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okunneye, also known as Bobrisky, has been a target of derision on social media.

Bobrisky has long flaunted his skin and promotes a variety of skincare products. With the photographs circulating online, it’s possible that the rumor that he frequently utilizes phone filters on his face is correct.

The woman who posted the photos on the internet warned others not to be fooled by Instagram photos, calling Bobrisky’s skin unpleasant and irritating.

Please don’t be fooled by Instagram photographs; this is a horrible photo of Bobrisky that I snapped yesterday. Omo skin was itchy, so keep that in mind if you want to seem as young as Bobrisky.

The lady wrote:

Please don’t let Instagram pictures deceive you this is a disgusting picture of Bobrisky that I took yesterday. Omo skin was irritating, for those of you planning to look fresh like Bobrisky be informed.

Many internet users were outraged by the photographs, with some questioning how many layers of makeup were applied on his face and others warning that too much makeup could harm his skin.

nadia_cole_ wrote: Too much of this makeup is damaging her skin for God sake 

abacha.042 wrote: Jesus the skin is over irritated. He should just relax for some days and let his face breath without makeup biko. I love his filter face and energy though 

becca_cruz111 wrote: I wonder how many layers of makeup is being applied to this face

blackgurl328 wrote: Skin like milk in the mud

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