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How The Word Vawulence evolve from the Nigerian Space To The World

Written by Sam Depoet

I finally did a Google search on “Vawulence” and I’m not surprised it has found its way into the Urban and slang dictionaries. It’s arguably one of the most featured word on social media these days. Even foreigners are using it already, especially on Football pages. I saw a comment where one of such foreigners used it, a football fan from the Orients. A surprised Nigerian asked him how he came about the word and if he knew its meaning. He said he noticed the word was being thrown around a lot over there, especially from Nigerians. So, he asked for its meaning and got responses. He used it perfectly in a comment.

Remember when Watford didn’t release Emmanuel Dennis for the AFCON? The invasion of their social media pages, dishing out an unending bouts of insults, including wishing them relegation? That was Nigerians serving hot VAWULENCE!

And more recently, the whole of Africa is currently serving Vawulence on Napoli’s Social Media pages, after their President said he will no longer be interested in signing another African player unless they were ready to sign an undertaking stating that they will not be honoring AFCON call ups.

One more thing you need to know about Vawulence, its executors refers to each other as comrades. Once a situation arises that requires dishing it out, you’ll hear things like, “Comrades, let’s go to their page, make we give them virulence”, Comrades, what is their Facebook page? Please look for it, etc. And once the link to the page is provided, what follows is always an all out bombarding!!!

Vawulence is a corrupt spelling of the English word Violence. Once you use it as vawulence instead of violence, it takes you into something a whole lot bigger, into a whole new world. It’s like the difference between uptown and the streets. No wonder the comrades always say ” Vawulence is not for the weak”.

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