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How To Approach A Girl For The First Time And Seduce Her

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The first stage in a good dating game is approaching a (often unknown) girl. Indeed, the formula is straightforward: if you don’t approach someone, you won’t be able to charm them.

Approaching a female is thus a vital stage that the apprentice seducer must learn flawlessly in order to proceed to the following phase (flirting over the phone) with ease.

So, as you might have predicted, the main purpose of approaching a girl is to get her mobile number in order to continue her dating game in the most natural way possible. Obviously, some seasoned seducers like what is referred to as the “quick date” in seduction language.

Instead of focusing his efforts on getting a girl’s number, the seducer prefers to skip the steps, if you will, by directly inviting her out for a drink and, of course, completing the evening at his or her apartment. after.

If you’re a flirtatious apprentice, don’t make things more difficult for yourself. Instead of attempting to seduce the girl, learn to take action. Because, certainly, many guys never manage to take the initial move in approaching a girl they like, allowing them to pursue their dreams.

Fear of rejection is one of the causes that prevents the seducer from acting. The fear of the rake should not be an impediment because it is part of the game’s regulations. It is necessary to accept it. Point of a bar. If you approach a girl and she rejects you, realize that she is rejecting you as a stranger, not as a person.

You can’t whine like a small girl since she doesn’t know anything about you. In fact, if you want to be a skilled seducer, getting rejected or eating rakes must be some type of exam that you must pass. You’re less likely to get rejected if you approach more girls.

Finally, approaching a girl on the street differs significantly from approaching a girl at a nightclub. There is a significant distinction.

Keep it in mind. The initial stage in your future seduction games is to board. Your chances of attracting your future princesses will surely be slim if you fail to grasp this phase.


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