Hushpupi In Another Big Mess As He Is Heavily Linked To North Korean Hackers

Hushpuppi has been heavily linked in a fraud operation to launder funds for North Korean Hackers.

Forbes revealed that Abbas’ aka Hushpuppi’s name evolved among details of an enormous international criminal conspiracy with some identified North Korean military hackers involved in “a series of destructive cyberattacks, to extort more than $1.3 billion of funds and cryptocurrency belonging to financial institutions and companies,” according to the Justice Department statement on the new indictment.


Federal prosecutors unveiled a charge against Ghaleb Alaumary, 37, of Ontario, Canada and the Nigerian fraudster evolved. 

Alaumary pleaded guilty to charges related to his role as a money launderer for the North Korean group.


Meanwhile, The Justice Department attached Abbas to the hacking operations that resulted in laundering of funds through Alaumary, who they claim “conspired” with “Ray Hushpuppi,” in a cyberattack on Maltese bank in February 2019.”


Recall that, Abbas was charged by the US Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles in July 2020, conspiring to launder hundreds of millions of dollars from “business email compromise” (BEC) frauds and other scams.


However, according to a statement published by the Justice Department, on Wednesday, Abbas was said to have been solely involved in a “North Korean-perpetrated cyber-enabled heist from a Maltese bank in February 2019.” 


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