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“I Am Very Very Angry”- Nicki Minaj’s Mum Blows Hot As Hit-And-Run Driver Gets Only One Year In Jail After Pleading Guilty

Charles Polevich, a 71-year-old hit-and-run motorist who killed Nicki Minaj’s father, has pled guilty and received a one-year sentence.

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“I Am Very Very Angry,” Nicki Minaj’s mother exclaims as a hit-and-run driver is sentenced to only one year in prison after pleading guilty.

Charles Polevich pleaded guilty Friday in a suburban New York crash that killed Nicki Minaj’s father and was sentenced to a year or less in prison, disappointing prosecutors and the rapper’s mother.

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Charles Polevich, a 71-year-old hit-and-run motorist who killed Nicki Minaj’s father

Polevich admitted to fleeing the scene of an accident in February 2021 that killed Robert Maraj as he strolled along a road.

Polevich stepped out of his car and glanced at the injured man on the ground before driving away, not calling 911, parking his car, and covering it with a tarp, according to authorities.

Polevich admitted to concealing the automobile and tampering with evidence. Maraj, 64, died the next day at a hospital. Polevich was sentenced to ‘no more than one year in prison,’ as well as community service and a suspended license, according to Judge Howard Sturim. On August 3, the 71-year-old will be sentenced.

Carol Maraj, the victim’s widow, expressed her displeasure with the proposed sentence to media. Polevich is being sued for $150 million by the widow, who said seeing him in court made her feel sick because she remembered her husband battling for his life in the hospital.

I was angry, very, very angry,’ Maraj said of seeing Polevich in court. ‘I’ll say what I have to say at sentencing.’

Nicki highlighted a tumultuous connection with her father in interviews from years ago. He had changed, she subsequently claimed.

She wrote shortly after his death that she wished she could call him.

He was very loved & will be very missed,’ she wrote.

The vehicle involved in the hit-and-run crash was tracked to Polevich’s residence in the 160 block of Roselle Street in Mineola, thanks to surveillance video from the neighborhood.

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