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“I don’t fear anyone” Halima Abubakar blows hot over [email protected] from anonymous persons after confession of sleeping with Apostle Suleiman

Halima Abubakar, a controversial Nollywood actress, has gone ballistic over a death prophecy she received.

The actress has been in the news because of an alleged relationship she had with Apostle Johnson Suleiman, a member of the church, which, according to some stories, nearly took her life.

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The rumors concerning Halima Abubakar’s lethal association with Nigerian priest Apostle Suleman had finally been substantiated, according to an article we published a few days ago.

According to controversial blogger Gist Lover, the actress had a relationship with the man of God, who is said to be a fetish.

The anonymous blog exposed many names and secrets reportedly connected to Apostle Suleiman.

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Halima Abubakar stated via her Instagram story that it would be disastrous if she spoke to confirm the rumors once they surfaced online.

She wrote: “If I start to talk, Nigeria will close. Hmmmmmm”.

Halima also got into a lot of arguments with her coworkers who supported the Apostle.

Halima Abubakar provided screenshots of a dissatisfying direct message that was delivered to her in a recent update.

Someone had informed her of a prophetic death prediction regarding her.

Halima didn’t waste any time in responding to the individual whose identity she had concealed.

The unperturbed Halima Abubakar let the person know that she didn’t care about her prophecy.

“Look I don’t give a fuck. About all this dms….. You talking to grown adult, I fear no one. Go back and tell who sent you. I don’t give a fucccck. I no dey fear anyone”.

Halima Abubakar
Halima Abubakar

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