I have Masturbated To The Level That I Don’t Need To Touch My Private Part Again, Nigerian Lady Confesses

A Nigerian lady has opened up on her sexual life after she revealed the level at which she is addicted to masturbation. In her words she said, “Ah, I have masturbate to the extend that I do not expose my finger again, because it’s my private part”

Masturbation is a chronic defect common among youth and has become a routine dose fed to the body such that many flaunt it, claim masturbation is a healthy phenomenon and also the best option for self-satisfaction.

Such is the case of a Twitter user @Sunshin04174731 who revealed under a thread that she doesn’t need to touch her private part before earning necessary arousal to cum.

Meanwhile, the sex therapist who happened to have started the thread on how to prevent masturbation was left bewildered when she acknowledged the tweet. https://twitter.com/preshdeyforyou/status/1377905810370613251?s=19

In other news, an Abuja Uber driver promise to start keeping guns in his car after another Uber driver was killed by armed robbers.

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