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“I Like You, I Never Said I Love You..Love Is A Process”- Groovy Tells Phyna As They Discuss Their Situationship (SEE VIDEO)

Big Sister Groovy, a housemate from Nigeria, has admitted to Phyna that he merely likes her and does not love her. He assured Phyna that once they leave the house, he will fully comprehend her and their connection because, in his opinion, she will reveal her true self there.

The only aspect of Phyna that has not yet been revealed on the show is her smoking habit, she said in response.

Groovy to Phyna;

The feeling is I really like you, love is not a feeling, it is a process.

Phyna; I rushed to fall in love.

Groovy ; I cannot tell you how to feel phyna.

Phyna; is now when we come out of the house and we are so busy that you will now come to my face and tell me that you didn’t love me or what you felt for me was not love.

Groovy; Me , I will come and tell you that, am not that kind of person, I thought you know..

Phyna: How would I thought and still be in relationship with such person, I asked you you said you have feelings for me not love , there is nothing serious there its rather a situationship

Groovy; If I go around calling you my girlfriend am just protecting you and I am telling you now .

Phyna: have also been going around calling you my boyfriend and baby hoping that you felt something strong for me and now finding out that you don’t and you just like me..

Groovy ; it’s not the same phyna, what I feel for you is not the same thing and that is just the truth..