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“I Saw T.B. Joshua and Bishop Idahosa in Hellfire Crying” – Unknown Preacher Reveals


Unknown preacher claims to have travelled through hellfire and saw late pastor T.B. Joshua and Bishop Idahosa suffering in hell.

According to an evangelist who has yet to be recognised, the aforementioned men of God are tormented in hellfire for all the sins they committed before their demise.
She went on to say that despite teaching against the use of jewellery, Bishop Idahosa is being tormented in hellfire for wearing a neck chain.

“I have been to hellfire, I have felt the pain, the torture, I don’t want to go there and be burnt for everlasting,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Destiny Etiko who is often attacked by haters and internet trolls because of the several exotic cars she keeps in her garage explodes in a new post.

In an Instagram post she shared, the curvaceous actress made it obvious to this group of people that mobility is a necessity, not a luxury, and that everyone who is financially stable enough to buy one should have one.

She wrote in the caption:

“Bitter souls are always stagnant 👂


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