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“I sw£àr with my mother’s life, you will beg me in this lagos before December” Sheggz says as he rid!cules Rachel, Phyna steps in

Vawulence in the Big Brother House continues as sheggz [email protected] with Rachel.

Late last night, Sheggz and Rachel got into a food-related argument, and the former attempted to defend his wife.
After the housemates lined up to get their own portions of the food Rachel had prepared, everything began.
Bella requested beef when it was her turn to eat, but Rachel who was distributing the meal gave her chicken.

In response, Rachel stated that she had no beef because the only ones accessible belonged to some other housemates.

Bella continued by saying that since she doesn’t eat chicken, she wouldn’t be able to eat if there wasn’t any meat.

At first Sheggz had said, “If I’d moved to you when you came here, you would’ve taken it from me”

Rachel: God forbid, i don’t date small boys

Sheggz to Rachel — I sw£àr with my mother’s life, you will beg me in this lagos before December.
I’m a Big Boss… I don’t need to win the show… If I step out of the house, I will make 100 million naira a day.

Phyna— is too bad for you to make that statement with your mother or she will d!£.

Rachel— if you can make 100 million a day, then why are you dragging 100 million naira with us in Big Brother’s House. ??

You should ask Biggie for voluntary exit… Mr Big Boss