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I Was Already Fed Up In The House Before I Got Evicted- BBN Beatrice Spills


Beatrice Nwaji, a reality TV personality, said that she impatiently counted the days until she was evicted in order to leave the home since she was already fed up.

In a new interview with the Punch, she also explained why she never fell into the show’s trap of passion and sex.

In her words, she said; “to be honest, I was already tired of being there at the time I got evicted. Funny enough, when I told my mom I was going for Big Brother Naija, she was so excited and said I was going to win.

I told her I wasn’t interested in winning and that if I spend a week or two there, I would be happy. I would have preferred a woman to emerge as the winner because I am a woman. A woman winning is a win for all women.

Nwaji also discussed why she didn’t have an intimate connection like some of the other contestants.

She said,

I did not have an intimate relationship with BBNaija because I wanted a real one. I was still observing and didn’t feel a need to jump into one and faking it.

I wanted a platform to showcase myself with regards to my fashion and modelling career and also have a ready audience to promote my other products and services.

As a matter of fact, I had to keep the news of my entry into the show, a secret, as required by the organisers. This got some of my friends, especially the influential ones, upset. I only told my mom.


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