“I will curse you” — Zazoo crooner Portable And Kogbagidi Engages In Another Fight

In two different videos published by one Instagram user known as @suruche, Portable is heard venting at Kogbagidi.

In the first video, the singer is seen with two guys forcing him to enter a car in which international show promoter Kogbagidi sits.

A very irate Portable who seems to have gained knowledge of how things work is heard rebelliously shouting at the guys, telling them he won’t enter.

In the follow-up video, Kogbagidi who appears to have annoyed and offended the singer is heard begging Portable who does not hesitate to remind him that he, Portable, is capable of making him a nonentity by cursing.

Portable 2 1

Angrily boasting of his relationships with some Yoruba gods like “Yemoja,” “Sàngó” etc, Portable clamors for freedom from Kogbagidi. He also questions the three of them including Kogbagidi who pleadingly calls Portable “my boss” in the video. “I gave you all money,” he added angrily.

Portable who just released a new single titled Ogo Forever on 7th January, 2021, appears to have been cheated or held down by Kogbagidi as the singer claims in the video. He is seen with a baseball bat, wanting to hit it on the guys holding him in the first video.

Suruche, the publisher of the videos, also made another post, tagging Kogbagidi, telling him to free Portable.

Author: Sam George Mac
Sam George Mac is a music journalist, singer of Afrobeats, Highlife, Dancehall and R&B, a songwriter, house painter, poet and playwright. He is a graduate of Mass Communication from the West African Union University, Cotonou, Republic Du Benin. Sam George Mac is a native of Ogun. Currently, his songs, with the stage name SGM, are available on many streaming platforms like Deezer, Shazam, Audiomack, Spotify, Amazon, Tik Tok, YouTube Music, Apple Music, iTunes etc.

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