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“If my husband cheats on me, I will change my ways and pamper him to love me again” – Counsellor, Charlotte Oduro tells wives

Charlotte Oduro, a popular Ghanaian relationship consultant, has encouraged wives not to leave their unfaithful husbands and has given them advice on how to reclaim their husband’s affection.

The marital coach told Kofi TV that it would be foolish for a woman to leave her home for another woman to take over, therefore she should love and care for her spouse even if he cheats.

She believes that a woman’s actions may be the cause of her husband’s infidelity. As a result, if a woman realizes her spouse is cheating on her, she should work on her attitude first.

“If my husband cheats, I am not leaving him. I will die with him. Maybe, my actions are the reason he is cheating so I will change my ways and pamper him to love me again.” she said.

In the meantime, Princess Shyngle has given married women a vital piece of advice on how to keep their husbands from cheating on them.

According to Shyngle, if women cheat back when their spouses cheat on them, men will think twice about cheating.

She went on to say that it will also lower the divorce rate.

According to her,

“If married women also cheat anytime they catch their husband’s cheating, I promise you married men will start thinking twice before cheating on their wives. The rate of divorce will reduce. My little advice to all married women 😂🤣, if they cheat also cheat back 😂🤣😂. They will start behaving 🤣 Dear future hubby I hope you’re reading this ☝🏽❤️ Have a blessed week y’all ❤️❤️. #just4laughs

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