If You Haven’t Seen Fella Kuti In A While, He’s Back – Shatta Wale Tells Nigerians As He Claims To Be Fella Kuti

Shatta Wale has claimed to be the reincarnation of Nigeria’s Fela Kuti claiming he’s back as he tries to educate Nigerians on the system we are running in Ghana when it comes to music.

Shatta Wale described the Ghanaian music industry as “soaking,” noting that it is a mix of all genres, which is why nearly every musician from a different genre performs at an event.

He said the Nigerian music industry is similar to chocolate, which is why they always sing about love and when their singers perform at an event, it’s all about love.

According to him, the way he’s acting in Ghana is similar to how the famous Fela Kuti used to act, thus Nigerians should regard him as a resurrected Fela Kuti, which we believe they would not appreciate.

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