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“If you no get money, stay in your house” – Omashola sends strong [email protected] to [email protected] celebrity ballers who drinks in his club without paying (Video)

Omashola Oburoh, a BBnaija star, has given a harsh warning to those who claim to be Johannesburg’s Big Boys yet owing him money every time they visit his club.

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The proud father, who runs a club in Johannesburg, told the guests in a video posted on his Instagram page that he was done letting them off without paying for their drinks.

After failing to pay for drinks purchased over three days earlier, a clearly enraged Omashola declared that he would begin to embarrass these folks for causing stress to him and his colleagues.

He claims that becoming a baller is not forced, especially if you lack the financial means to do so.

Omashola becomes enraged and threatens to humiliate phony star ballers who drink in his club without paying.

Omashola went on to say that anyone without money should stay at home because being out and about is not mandatory.

Check out the video below.

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