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In a video, a man sobs and cries when The Rock presents him with a custom-made automobile.

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After The Rock presented a fan with a vehicle, the fan collapsed on the floor and cried.

To do so, the A-list actor enlisted the help of some of his followers to identify the individual who most needed his gift.

He instructed the man to go enjoy his automobile to the utmost during the giving of the gift, thanking him for his hard work.

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The Rock, a well-known Hollywood actor, surprised one of his fans with a new automobile, and the scene was priceless, as the man broke down in tears.

The movie actor claimed he invited some fans to the premiere of Red Notice for free because he wanted to give back.

Aside from the free movie showing, the actor said he wanted to do something special for one individual, and the original plan was to give away the Porsche Tycan he drove in the film.

The Rock never let the fact that the Porsche firm declined his request deter him from his mission, so he opted to give away his own truck instead.

He needed as much information as possible about the people who came to the theater to do the giveaway, and he found one person’s tale particularly compelling.

Oscar has been caring for The Rock’s 75-year-old mother for years, according to The Rock. In addition, he provides meals to battered women. He first delivered him a letter on the day he was intended to give him the truck, which stated in part:

“Thank for your service, brother. Enjoy your new truck…”

Before hugging him, the fan fell down on his knees and sobbed.


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