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“It’s disrespectful to check your partner’s phone” — Couple, Teddy A and Bam Bam says (video)


Teddy A and BamBam, the Big Brother Naija duo, addressed the matter of monitoring each other’s phones in a recent interview.
When asked if they check each other’s phones during an interview with media personality Adesola Momoh, the pair stated that they don’t because it would be rude.

BamBam stated that she would prefer not to touch Teddy A’s phone than placing herself in a scenario where they would quarrel. She claims that she values their discussions and what he tells her more.

Teddy A and Bam Bam says

“Sometimes I just rather avoid situations that could escalate into something serious, and the communion that we have together is way more important,” Bam Bam said

Teddy A, for one, stated that he does not check her phone and that they have reached an agreement on this. He believes that checking her phone behind her back would be a lack of confidentiality and regard.

He did say, though, that ‘conversations’ on his wife’s phone are typical.

“I didn’t marry my wife because of her pregnancy” – Teddy A clears the air (video)

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Teddy A, a Big Brother Naija contestant, has responded to reports that he married his wife, fellow reality actress BamBam, because she became pregnant for him.
Teddy A dispelled the rumour in a recent interview with media personality Adesola Momoh, saying that he married BamBam because he loved her.

He stated that he chose to marry BamBam, who was his love interest on the reality programme because they had a true affection for each other and not because she was expecting his child.


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