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‘I’ve genuinely forgotten I’m a full-time student at Oxford University since I started djing again’, DJ Cuppy

DJ Cuppy, a Nigerian female disc jockey and the daughter of a Nigerian millionaire, has lamented the fact that she had forgotten she is still a student at Oxford University.

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DJ Cuppy wrote on her Instagram story that since she started DJing again and accepting projects and bookings, she had completely forgotten that she is a full-time Oxford student with a research thesis due in the summer.

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DJ Cuppy claims that she has continually reminded herself and the rest of the team that music cannot get in the way of her studies.

She wrote: I can’t even lie… Since I started djing again and taking on projects and bookings I have genuinely forgotten that I am indeed still a full-time student as Oxford university and have a whole research thesis due this summer. I have to keep reminding myself and my team that music cannot get in the way of school. Damn.

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