Japanese Engineers Designs Robot That Holds Your Hand When You Are Feeling Lonely

Loneliness is an issue that has long been deliberated on, in Japan alongside “hikikomori,” and this has prompted a new development by Engineers in Japan to initiate a high tech solution to the emotional crisis ravaging the country especially women or individuals who live in extreme isolation.

The Engineers in Japan decided to design a robot to hold someone’s hand when they are feeling lonely while a man also reportedly makes a living by keeping people’s company.

The Engineers designed the device called Osampo Kanojo or “My Girlfriend in Walk” so that people can experience a feeling of human touch when they come in contact with it.

The robot is clothed in a skin-like material such that it generates warmth and can squeeze back on command.

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The prototype which was introduced at the International Virtual Reality Conference past few months lacks complete specifications and mode of operation which pends the invention.

According to The Insider, experts said when it is ready, there is a large number of people willing to purchase. “We have this biological need to be with others,” Julianne Holt-Lunstad, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Brigham Young University, told Insider. “And right now, particularly, we’re at a loss for how to fulfil that need.”

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