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JJC Skillz’s Estranged Baby Mama Lists Demands as She Threatens to Leak Video of Funke Akindele’s Husband Beating Up Son

In the midst of Funke Akindele’s marriage problem, JJC Skillz’s baby mama mother threatens to expose the video in which JJC Skillz beats up her kid to a coma.

This comes after JJC Skillz’s son was allegedly assaulted because of his role in his stepmother’s marriage crisis.

Mella threatened to expose the video of the videotaped assault on her son while explicitly outlining her demands on Instagram, calling out the ex-music producer.

According to the estranged baby mama, JJC Skillz and his wife, Funke Akindele must tender a public apology.

“Abdul & Funke We’ve already asked you to keep your dogs are bay and issue a public apology. Stop with the continued slanderous slime. Otherwise the next blow will be the video of you beating your son. Clear?” she wrote in a post on Instagram.

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