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Just in: Cross Fans & Angel Smith F1ght’s Dirty On Twitter, Cross Finally Reacts To The Online Saga (Screenshots)

Angel Smith, a reality TV star, and Cross’s supporters recently got into an online argument.

Remember how Cross and Angel shared intimate moments during the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye Show? Unfortunately, their relationship stalled after the show because Cross was interested in dating Saskay and they were no longer compatible. Both fanbases were somewhat hostile as a result of this situation.

Screenshot 20220920 124351 Instagram

Yesterday after some trolls attacked Angel Smith online, she tweeted:

“Me sef don join archdemons, make everyone move jeje.”

Screenshot 20220920 124047 Facebook

fan of Cross commented:


Look into the mirror you will see the loser. No education, went on a show and failed, living on depression pills and others. Your mother and father can’t feed themselves not to talk of helping you. Should I go on?

Screenshot 20220920 124447 Instagram

Angel Smith replied her:

“Ohhhh you think you’re edgy lmfaooo, tell your fave to engage me in any educational discourse if you’re bad, lmfaooo. Coming for my intelligence is crazy, you wish.”

Angel continued;

“No education bae I graduated top of my class during A levels, say it again, with how many A’s in waec?Let’s compare results, come on”

Few hours later, Cross tweeted: If u can’t take the heat 🔥 don’t come to the kitchen 🤧*

However, some fans were not pleased with his tweets.

Read some comments below: @Durexwdg Energy our husband 🥵❤️😍😂 no side comment or shade will make you accept a rejected house wife😫

@gabrielle You’re a bunch of disappointment

@Terryjb13 If u get mind tag who u talking to na,cry baby 🤣

Screenshot 20220920 124029 Facebook