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Just In: Evicted Housemates Doyin,Eloswag and Chomzy Becomes Houseguest As They Move To Level 3

Tonight will be Chomzy’s last night in the Level Up House as she gets Evicted, but moves to Level 3, joining Eloswag and Doyin.

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The eviction of at least one Housemate was the only thing the “no sleep geng” was hoping for from tonight’s Level Up Sunday Live Show. Ebuka instead unveiled Biggie’s most recent surprise, the Level 3 Game Play.

Evicted Housemates will move into a brand-new Level starting tonight. The accommodation has a main lounge, an open-concept kitchen and dining area, a shared bathroom, two WCs, and one bedroom.

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24 Housemates were living on two levels of the house at the start of the season (Level 1 and Level 2). After Live Show 6 on August 21st, everyone moved into the former Level 1 House as a result of the Levels being combined into one House.

The House Guests are still eligible to win money via Sponsored Tasks but are no longer in the race for the highly desired Grand Prize. Unbeknownst to them and the Housemates, they will stay on Level 3 until at least September 18 while participating in regular House activities like Diary Sessions and Tasks but avoiding the Head of House Games.

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The same rules apply to nominations as well, however the house guests will not be listed. If the house guests are evicted or not, no one in the house will know.

Since that time, the former Level 2 has been empty—until today. Currently, Level 2 is Level 3, which serves as the home of the Evicted Housemates. These former housemates will now be referred to as house guests.

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Do you think the dynamics of the entire House will change as a result of this new Game Play?