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Just in: Genevieve Nnaji reportedly rushed to a hospital in Houston Texas as she tackles [email protected] illness

Genevieve Nnaji, a Nollywood actress, producer, and director turn 43 today, May 3rd, but she has remained silent on social media for over a month, leaving many people concerned.

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On March 2nd, the veteran was last seen on social media.

Suffering multiple unsubstantiated reports of Genevieve Nnaji’s unexpected absence from the social scene, it has now been reported that she has been committed to the hospital following a mental breakdown.

As expected, Gistlover, a controversial blogger, claimed that the actress has been seeking treatment in Houston, Texas for a mental illness.

The actress is said to have been sent to a Texas hospital for psychosis, the name of which has been concealed for privacy reasons.

According to Gistlover, the actress suffered a mental breakdown and had blade tattoos on her body.

Her team members are allegedly attempting to conceal the news by removing all of her Instagram postings, according to the blog.

“Hello tueh tueh, please pray for actress Genevieve Nnaji as this is a trying time for her. According to information reaching vawulence headquarters, the actress us currently does with ment issue and currently taking treatment in Houston, Texas. Genevieve has been admitted for psychosis in a hospital in Texas (Name withheld) she went loco some months ago they are hiding the info like say tomorrow no dey and we can’t help but tell her fans so they can put her in prayers. Fans has been questioning her weird attitude of recent on Instagram and the fans has been cuteness, some are even dragging her that she is proud, why can she unfollow everyone, bla bla bla, the truth is they had to take her phone from her and archive all her post. CN you remember when she was posting plenty random weird stuffs? Then she tattooed a cross on her wrist with a blade, was so terrible that they had to keep an eye on her. She was admitted sometimes this year and we hope she recovers fast, her media aid are really working overtime to keep the story out of the public but I feel they should let the world know so they can out her in their prayers and not drag her unnecessarily, they can come out to debunk it oo, but it is what it is, they know the truth, sometimes I feel fame demands too much from these celebrities, because what she find, get charisma, has one of the best brand for Nollywood, why drug again? Why??? I think say Na only lesbianism we go tackle for her body, not knowing the one wey senior lesbianism dey her body. I remember then wey Genevieve go invite girls over for her pleasure, tell them to submit phone for her gate, you dare not come in with your phone, now this again, LoRD take charge is fame really worth ones life, is it worth the stress, I coke in peace oooo. Prat for Ini, she is not proud fo have unfollowed everybody. Her media aid did that, I no sabi wetin them dey cover. Igi ewedu oni pawa oooo. Say no to drugs”.

Genevieve Nnaji hospitalized
Genevieve Nnaji hospitalized

Reactions as Genevieve Nnaji reportedly tackles mental illness

Netizens have reacted to the sad news that renowned actress Genevieve Nnaji is reportedly suffering from a mental condition.

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Genevieve Nnaji was allegedly brought to the hospital suffering a mental breakdown.

Recall that, Gistlover a popular blogger known for revealing bewildering news, said that the actress is suffering from mental illness and has sought treatment in Houston, Texas.

The actress was supposedly committed to a Texas hospital for psychosis, the name of which has been concealed for privacy reasons.

Some Nigerians responded to the report in the comments section. Some people blamed her mental problems on her claimed drug addiction, while others argued she shouldn’t be pitied because she willingly opened her life to drug use.

Others, on the other hand, condemned the blogger for making such information public…

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 “I noticed a long time ago that she was going through something deep. May God heal and give her fulfillment, Amen 🙏”, a fan wrote.

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