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Ka3na replies Trolls Who Criticise Her Video Of Showing Off Her Bum. See Video


Ka3na shared a video of herself happily shaking her a$$ while climbing a staircase while the clothing she wore was obviously her a$$.

One could infer from the response she gave in the comments section, that she doesn’t care and according to her, she could do worse.

Ka3na responded by claiming that the dress she was wearing was stone beaded, and she sat too long on the beads, pinching a part of her huge fat a$$, prompting everyone to scream like virgins.

In other news,

The Reality TV show off her new oral surgery results on Instagram, emphasising that the first male she kisses will be lucky to do so.

Ka3na, reportedly travelled to Turkey for a dental operation and was overjoyed with the success.

In a video she shared on her Insta-stories she wrote, “The first guy that will kiss this my million dollar mouth must be favored.. Day3 monocosmetic surgery feeling like a million dollar already,” she wrote.


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