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Kheira Hamraoui attack: Aminata Diallo pleads innocence after being released from police custody without charge


Aminata Diallo maintains her innocence and refutes allegations that she was engaged in the event. Diallo reportedly attempted to physically hurt teammate Kheira Hamraoui by having two masked men yank her out of a car and abuse her, according to L’Equipe.
Aminata Diallo, a midfielder for Paris Saint-Germain, has been freed without charge from police detention while the investigation into the alleged attack on her teammate Kheira Hamraoui continues.
Aminata Diallo, who was detained on Wednesday by the Versailles Regional Police Service, says she is innocent and denies any involvement in the event.

On November 4, Diallo, 26, reportedly attempted to physically hurt teammate Hamraoui by having two masked men take her out of a car and abuse her, according to the French newspaper L’Equipe.
Hamraoui was rushed to the hospital with injuries to her wrists and legs, according to local media.

“Paris Saint-Germain notes the release of Aminata Diallo from police custody,” PSG said in a statement. “The club continues to support its players to allow them to overcome this ordeal as soon as possible.

“Paris Saint-Germain reiterates its confidence in the justice system to shed full light on the events.

“The club would like to thank everyone for showing restraint and respecting the presumption of innocence as well as the privacy of the team.”

Diallo has defended herself through her lawyer, Mourad Battikh.

“She formally denies the accusations,” a statement read.

“Aminata Diallo deplores the perfectly artificial staging of a rivalry between her and Kheira Hamraoui that would justify her attack on her team-mate. This theory does not correspond in any way to the true nature of their relationship.”


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