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Kimberly Ofori rejects promotion from her current job because of a new job in Dubai, only to discover no more vacancy

Kimberly Ofori, a young woman, had to leave from her bank position in order to take a job in Dubai that paid tax-free.

She travelled on a one-way ticket, happy that she had something different and better, only to be told that the vacancy had been cancelled.

To make ends meet, Ofori had to rely on water and noodles, and she applied for over 70 jobs before she was able to put her life back together.
Kimberly Ofori, a young woman, described how she became trapped in Dubai after travelling there in search of a better job on LinkedIn.

Because she wished to take up a different job in Dubai, the lady turned down a promotion given by a bank where she previously worked in Amsterdam.
So she quit her job, packed her belongings, and flew to the United Arab Emirates on a one-way ticket.

The lady had gotten a position with a housing firm that gave a little higher pay that was tax-free before making that brave move.

The company’s director was surprised to see her when she arrived at her new office in Dubai, all delighted. She contacted Ofori a few moments later, offering her a one-month advance salary and apologising for the job opening.

Prior to her arrival in Dubai, the boss disclosed that they had been attempting to contact her and notify her of the latest development.

To get out of this predicament, Ofori spent over a year and a half looking for over 70 jobs, all to no avail. Besides water, she had to subsist on noodles and cookies. No one at home knew about the issue.

She became even more desperate as her pay dwindled, and she eventually found a job.

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