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Korra Obidi wail in tears as her ex-husband, Justin Dean stabs the dancer in the back following fraudulent act

Korra Obidi, a dancer, has decried her estranged husband, Justin Dean, on Facebook, accusing him of stealing money from her.

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Korra, who was in tears when she spoke, claimed she had no intention of making her marriage problems public, but she could no longer keep quiet.

Justin, she claims, emptied their joint account of all the money she had recently placed.

Korra claimed she deposited $5000 to their joint account for her rents by accident, and Justin cleared the account completely before she realized it. And when she tried to repay him, he turned her down.

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She said the funds were paid to her as a result of promotions, and that they were intended to support her daughters since Justin had stopped providing for them.

“He has stolen from me and my girls… .. I don’t want to be treated like a horse that is working for a slave master….I sent this money by mistake to the joint account, he has emptied the account, he is stealing from me.”, She kept repeating.

She did say, though, that she had reported the case to her attorneys, who had taken it up.

The dancer also stated that she will no longer remain silent, and that Justin has 24 hours to refund all of her funds or she will go live on social media and expose him.

“…I will fight with my last blood … if he does not return my money, I will go live and spill everything from A to Z…”

Korra Obidi recently disclosed how her former husband allegedly claimed ownership of her money once she began to make a good chevalier.

Korra described how her husband began to’milk’ her as soon as she began to monetize her videos on social media during a conversation with her sister.

Korra’s marriage recently hit the rock after she was put to bed. When the money started coming in, her husband claimed possession of it since he views her as his property, thus her’money is their property as well,’ according to the gifted dancer and singer.

Private chat between dancer Korra Obidi and one of her alleged numerous sex partners leaks online

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Recall that Jane Mena, a Nigerian dancer and twerk queen, has once again found herself in hot water after a private message between dancer Korra Obidi and one of her alleged multiple sex partners was published online just hours ago.

According to the gossip, the two powerful dancers have been having an affair with the same man.

Cutie Julls, a controversial blogger, uncovered secret messages in which Korra Obidi, who is still legally married but separated, was seen talking to a man about being sexual.

Korra Obidi was also allegedly pregnant with her second kid at the time of the trade.

The man bragged over her sexual ability in the chats, indicating that this wasn’t the lovers’ first time becoming intimate.

Jane Mena was allegedly accused of sleeping with a man.

Cutie Julls, a controversial blogger, uncovered secret chats in which Korra Obidi, who is still legally married despite being divorced, was seen talking to a man about being intimate.

During the encounter, Korra Obidi is also said to have been pregnant with her second kid.

The male marveled over her sexual ability, so it wasn’t the lovers’ first time.

When the man confessed that he wanted a threesome with Korra and Jane, Jane Mena, who was accused of sleeping with Tonto Dikeh’s ex-lover, Prince Kpokpogri, was also dragged through the mud.

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